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Why Not? Audiobook


by Barbara Deloto

  • Narrated by: Ruby Rivers
  • Length: 46 mins
  • Release date: 10-17-18
  • Language: English


Male feminization for fun and growth? 

Why not? It’s a question that critical thinkers ask about many subjects. Everyday there’s someone who sees something and instead of saying no, they ask, why not? What if the Wright brothers agreed with everyone that man can’t fly? What if Henry Ford believed like everyone else that there could be no mass production? What if Galileo gave up on the idea that the world is round and not flat like the Church wanted him to? If something can be beneficial for you or others, but the accepted societal view says it’s wrong, does that really make it wrong?

Male-to-female crossdressing is one of those things. Cross-dressing is when a male, who identifies as a male, dresses as a female, To genetically born males that identify as females, it isn’t cross-dressing at all. It’s part of their gender identity. What we speak of here is a genetic male that identifies as a male, cross-dressing as a female. Sometimes viewed as an unmanly due to societal paradigms and beliefs and called a deviant behavior, it’s carried a stigma with it. Does that mean it shouldn’t be done? Women are allowed to cross-dress – why not? It has become commonplace for women to wear men’s styles of clothing, yet men are forced to stay in men’s clothes.

Until open-mindedness is more prevalent, and paradigms and beliefs are changed, it’s still possible to do in secret, or with likeminded people and groups, and the benefits are just as great..

If you, a person close to you, a spouse or partner, or a friend of yours is involved in male-to-female crossdressing, has an interest in it, or is bored and wants to try something new and exciting then drop the veil of illusions by creating a new feminine illusion and thrive. Listen and hear what benefits can follow in this thoughtful guide that just might improve your or someone else’s life – or at least help you understand it better. Heck, Why not?

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46 mins

Narrated by

Ruby Rivers

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