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What’s Your #1 Fear in Life? Audiobook

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by David Leads

  • Narrated by: Steve Barnes
  • Length: 3 hrs and 7 mins
  • Release date: 12-01-14
  • Language: English


A reflection on our biggest fears in life

We wanted to know – What’s your number one fear in life? So we asked you.

We surveyed 50 readers and asked them the above question. From the 50 responses, we found 15 major fear themes that were repeated multiple times, and we wrote this audiobook about the 15.

This book discusses these 15 fears and reflects on them. What can we do to minimize their effect on our lives? We all know fear holds us back. The question is… what are we going to do about it?

Why This Book?

Through the process of identifying and getting familiar with our fears, they become less scary, and then we can start to gain control over them.

Do you have any of these fears? Here’s the list of the 15 fears:

  • #1: Failing in Your Profession or Career
  • #2: Past Mistakes or Bad Choices
  • #3: Moving to a New City
  • #4: Debilitating and Permanent Depression
  • #5: Lifelong Anxiety and its Effects
  • #6: Losing Everything You Have
  • #7: Identity Theft
  • #8: Death of a Partner
  • #9: End of a Relationship
  • #10: Underachieving at Age 30
  • #11: Dealing with a New Family Member
  • #12: Physical Injury or Pain
  • #13: Not Becoming Independent From Parents
  • #14: Not Being a Good Provider for Your Family
  • #15: Fear of Death

This audiobook takes a look at these fears, works through them to understand them, and provides advice and encouragement on how to conquer them. Through this process, we come to know more about ourselves, and the potential all of us truly have when we courageously move past what’s holding us back.

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3 hrs and 7 mins

Narrated by

Steve Barnes

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