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Unf–k Your Life or Die Trying Audiobook

Author: Charmain Ash
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by Charmain Ash

  • Narrated by: Phillip Humphries
  • Length: 1 hr and 20 mins
  • Release date: 07-29-20
  • Language: English


Do not allow social anxiety, depression, or panic attacks to stop you from living life to the fullest! Some men have been haunted by these weak emotions for years. In fact, they have been haunted by these emotions for so long that they have considered them to be a normal way of living. You have the kill the weaker version of yourself so that the stronger version of you can take over! 

There is a constant battle between the weaker version of you and the stronger version of you. It is the version that you feed that becomes stronger! 

It is time to undo that cycle of pain and self-sabotage! It doesn’t matter who you were in the past or how many mistakes you made. Let go of the past and start again this very moment! 

Many men have an acute fear of beautiful women that paralyzes them from taking action. When they are in the presence of a beautiful woman, they stumble over their words and exude nervousness – instead of calm strength and certainty in their own high worth. 

What kills fear and social anxiety? 

The answer is simple but incredibly powerful. It is action! 

The more action you take toward achieving your goals, the less intensity of negative emotions you will feel. 

Action is the cure against fear, social anxiety, and general nervousness around someone attractive who is the opposite sex. 

When you do that which you are afraid to do, the fear vanishes. When you take action to have intercourse with beautiful women, you will continue to internalize the mindset that there is nothing to be afraid of but your own illusions that there is something to be afraid of. 

You can learn more from simply confronting your fears and doing that which terrifies you than you will learn from hours of mental conditioning (with affirmations and self-suggestion). Never underestimate the sheer power of action. 

You build your personality one step at a time with every action that you take. 

It is of paramount importance to develop the action habit. The action habit is simply the positive lifestyle route of taking action every single day to make your vision a reality. If your vision is to be better with beautiful women, to have a beautiful girlfriend, or to have a rotation of women who you are having intercourse with, it is imperative to set daily goals to achieve that. 

You can learn all the theory in the world, but if you don’t take action, then you will get nowhere, and even a guy with poor game will still outshine you. Develop the daily action habit!

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1 hr and 20 mins

Narrated by

Phillip Humphries

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