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Titanic Channel Talks Audiobook

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by The Titanic Channel

  • Narrated by: Ken Marschall
  • Length: 3 hrs and 35 mins
  • Release date: 12-04-17
  • Language: English


This collection of 21 audio episodes reveals the truths, myths, and legacies of R.M.S. Titanic – One of the most impactful global tragedies in over a century.

Hosted by world-renowned experts, Titanic Channel Talks uses decades of research to tell fresh stories about the lives of passengers, crew, and the inner workings of the ship. Storytellers include historians, authors, naval experts, researchers, and marine archaeologists – many of whom have experienced diving to Titanic‘s wreck site firsthand.

Full Episode listing:

1. Titanic‘s Most Refined Features – Host: Bill Sauder
2. Remembering Ruth Becker Blanchard – Host: Ken Marschall
3. The Excommunication of Masabumi Hosono – Host: Robert Bracken
4. A Thief on Titanic – Host: Senan Molony
5. Thomas Andrews’ Notes – Host: Mark Chirnside
6. Managing Titanic‘s Underwater Heritage – Host: Ken Vrana
7. Surprises Inside Titanic: The Turkish Bath – Host: Ken Marschall
8. Wreck Wood from Titanic – Host: Craig Sopin
9. We’ve Got to Know More – Host: Charles Haas
10. Watertight Compartments – Host: Parks Stephenson
11. What Did Superintendent James McGiffin Know? – Host: Senan Molony
12. The Untold Story of Jack Binns – Host: Craig Sopin
13. Underwater Archaeology – Host: Ken Vrana
14. Did the Lights Stay On? – Host: Parks Stephenson
15. Should Titanic Have Turned into the Iceberg? – Host: Parks Stephenson
16. More Lifeboats Would Not Have Helped – Host: Charles Haas
17. The J.J. Davies Bag – Host: Andrew Aldridge
18. Did Lifeboats Douse Their Lights? – Host: Senan Molony
19. Titanic‘s Morse Lamps Host: – Host: Bill Sauder
20. Shipwreck Diving – Host: Richie Kohler
21. Matching Shoes, What Else Could That Be? – Host: Ken Marschall

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3 hrs and 35 mins

Narrated by

Bill Sauder, Ken Marschall, Parks Stephenson

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