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The Possibility of Sex Audiobook

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by Alan Roger Currie

  • Narrated by: Alan Roger Currie
  • Length: 6 hrs and 22 mins
  • Release date: 11-04-14
  • Language: English


There are a number of good women in society who would make any man a loving wife, a devoted long-term girlfriend, or an easy-to-get-along-with casual sex partner.

Then there are other women in society who are only looking to take advantage of naive and sexually desperate men for their own egotistical and self-serving objectives.

In his second audiobook release, The Possibility of Sex: How Naive and Lustful Men are Manipulated by Women Regularly, book author Alan Roger Currie once again highlights the fact that when a man expresses his romantic or sexual desires, interests, and intentions to women in a very cautious, vague, ambiguous, or “beat-around-the-bush” manner, he potentially opens himself up to be misled and taken advantage of by women who are shrewd, savvy, highly experienced manipulators of men.

In Part One of the audiobook, Currie discusses women he refers to as Timewasters, which are women who are willing to initially, temporarily, or even indefinitely give targeted men the misleading impression that they have some degree of genuine interest in sharing that man’s company in a romantic or purely sexual manner, but in reality, these women seek nothing other than to be flattered, entertained, or spoiled with financial (and non-financial) “favors” and materialistic gifts.

In Part Two of the audiobook, Currie describes in detail at least five types of “No Good Women” that he feels all men should totally avoid entering into any type of long-term romantic or sexual relationship with:

  • Gold Diggers
  • Man Thieves
  • Drama Queens
  • Misandrists
  • Liars and Cheaters

(Warning: Some chapters in this audiobook include explicit language)

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Narrated by

Alan Roger Currie


6 hrs and 22 mins

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