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The Alien’s Revelation Audiobook

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by Grace Kensington

  • Narrated by: Ann Russek for Hot Ghost Productions
  • Length: 1 hr and 24 mins
  • Release date: 08-04-20
  • Language: English


Zsilvia is still struggling with her feelings for George as tortured memories of her past keep her from accepting that he is her intended mate and allowing herself to give in to his attention. Instead, she has separated herself from him and spends her time observing his efforts with the rest of the women to find a solution to the locked people in the settlement.

An emotional conversation with Eden makes her start to question her own fears and think that she may be ready to take the next step with George. However, the surprising arrival of another shuttle makes her rethink everything and shatters her hopes for a future with him.

Back with the warriors, Pyra discovers a map that shows another kingdom not far from the settlement. Some of the men decide to go to it to find out what they can about the Light Ones. Meanwhile, Lynx discovers something that changes everything about their efforts to save them.

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1 hr and 24 mins

Narrated by

Ann Russek for Hot Ghost Productions

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