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Summary of The Checklist Manifesto: by Atul Gawande Audiobook

Author: FastReads


by FastReads

  • Narrated by: Jon Turner
  • Length: 35 mins
  • Release date: 08-23-17
  • Language: English


Don’t Miss Gawande’s in-depth look at the effective simplicity of the mighty checklist and its necessity in our increasingly complicated world. Absorb his knowledge easily through this FastReads summary!

What will you learn from listening to this audiobook?

  • How to harness the power of checklists to increase efficiency and mitigate avoidable failure
  • How to make effective checklists
  • How to lessen the shock and consequences of the unexpected by dispersing power and responsibility
  • How to leverage teamwork to handle non-routine tasks and problems
  • How the aviation industry pioneered checklists and went on to provide the safest mode of transport
  • How checklists are saving lives and funds in medicine, construction, and finance
  • Why the age of the all-knowing expert is over, and what this means for professionals
  • How checklists raise standards of performance and ease decision making

Audiobook Summary Overview

Atul Gawande takes the listener through the chaos of the surgical ward, the intricate design of a skyscraper, and the secretive world of million-dollar investment firms in his search for something everyone is looking for – a solution to information rapidly getting out of control. He draws you in with elaborate tales of disasters caught in time, and seamlessly weaves the experiences of people in diverse fields, to make a compelling case for the adoption of checklists to prevent dumb mistakes, and make life easier. Any professional struggling to keep up with the demands of an ever-changing industry will find inspiration in the proven success of this humble tool.

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35 mins

Narrated by

Jon Turner

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