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Speeches by Martin Luther King Jr.: The Ultimate Collection Audiobook

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by Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Narrated by: Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Length: 16 hrs and 59 mins
  • Release date: 02-15-11
  • Language: English


Listen “live” to one of the most iconic orators of all time in this packed-full collection of Martin Luther King Jr. speeches. King’s rich and passionate style of delivery will transport you back to the era of the civil-rights movement, when King advocated non-violent resistance in the pursuit of equality and dignity, not only for blacks but for all mankind. Seldom has any leader since inspired and captivated an audience worldwide and motivated a nation to action.

Although tragically assassinated at a young age, the words and wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr. live on through his acclaimed and mesmerizing speeches, such as “I Have a Dream”. “The Mountaintop”, “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, “March on Washington”, and many, many more, including:

  • Address Concluding the Selma to Montgomery – 03-25-1965
  • All Here and Now – 06-17-1966
  • American Dream – Lincoln University – 06-06-1961
  • t Southern Seminary in 1961 – Beyond Vietnam -A Time to Break Silence – 04-04-1967
  • Central Park – 04-05-1968
  • Compilation: Creative Protest Eulogy – Robert F. Kennedy – 04-04-1968
  • Guidelines for a Constructive Church – 06-05-1966
  • I Have a Dream – March for Jobs – Washington – 08-28-1963
  • I’ve Been to the Mountaintop – 04-03-1968
  • Knock at Midnight – 08-27-1967
  • Life and Spirit: Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated; Nobel Peace Prize – 12-10-1964
  • On Malcolm X; Peace On Earth – 12-24-1967
  • Prophetic Last Speech – 1968; Reaction to JFK Assassination; Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution; The American Dream – 07-04-1965
  • The Bennet College Speech 1958; The Better the Dilemma and the Challenge – Los Angeles – California – 06-17-1962
  • The Drum Major Instinct – 02-04-1968
  • The Great March to Freedom – Detroit – 06-23-1963
  • The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life – 02-28-1960
  • Unfulfilled Dreams – 03-03-1968
  • Unjust Evil and Futile; War Where Do We Go From Here – 08-16-1967
  • Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam – Speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta
  • …and many more

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16 hrs and 59 mins

Narrated by

Martin Luther King Jr.

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