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Positive Thinking: How to Stop Focusing on Nonsense and Live a Better Life Audiobook

Author: Vishal Pandey
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by Vishal Pandey

  • Narrated by: Ivan Busenius
  • Length: 3 hrs and 11 mins
  • Release date: 07-26-19
  • Language: English


Are you deeply unsatisfied with your current life situation?

Is it hard for you to feel motivated?

Are you having trouble with self-doubt and negative inner thoughts?

Do you really want to fix the situation but cannot make yourself take action?

This audiobook has the answers you seek.

Vishal Pandey, the author of Positive Thinking, is not a self-help guru. He is a regular guy who was fighting with depression, negative thoughts, self-doubt, and procrastination for 13 long years.

Determined to break out of it, he tried out every possible advice, method, and technique under the sun, and finally managed to do it.

This audiobook is about the best advice and practices he found in those 13 years to break the habit of constant negative thoughts which dragged down his spirit and potential.

Backed up by a combination of science and philosophy, Positive Thinking has helped hundreds of listeners break the habit of negative thinking and self-doubt.

Filled with inspiring stories, smart advice, and practical exercises outlined in clear and actionable steps, every chapter is designed to help you think and change the way you live.


  • How to control your negative thoughts and experience more joy, inspiration, and peace.
  • How to live by your own rules and focus only on things which are meaningful and important.
  • How to stop making excuses and feel motivated to take action every day.
  • How to develop unshakable confidence in yourself.
  • How to stop sweating over small stuff that ultimately don’t matter at all.
  • How to get out of your head and crush feelings of self-doubt and inferiority.
  • How to never let anyone discourage you again.
  • How to stop feeling stuck and be inspired to move ahead in life.
  • How to break the habit of procrastination and laziness, once and for all.
  • How to never let past rejections and failure bother you again.

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3 hrs and 11 mins

Narrated by

Ivan Busenius

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