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Meech Lake Accord Audiobook

Author: Deaver Brown


by Deaver Brown

  • Narrated by: Deaver Brown
  • Length: 57 mins
  • Release date: 12-15-11
  • Language: English


The failure of the Meech Lake Accord to be enacted was the final stumble in the French English divide in Canada that has run from the founding of British & French Canada in the 17th Century until today. It was indicative of the struggle that the Accord was passed by the politicians but voted down by the voters. A later version was similarly roundly voted down across Canada. The Meech Lake Accord was a package of amendments to the Canadian Constitution negotiated in 1987 under Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and the 10 provincial premiers. It was put forth to persuade Quebec to endorse formally the 1982 Canadian Constitution as well as increase popular support in the Province of Quebec for being an integral part of Canada. The failure has led to a stand still which seems to bode well for Canada since The Constitution of 1982, Canada Act of 1982, and Charter of Reforms of 1982, have all been received reasonably well across Canada and have formalized Canadian Constitutional Law since its inception in the seventeenth century. This audiobook also includes a review and thumbnail sketches of the eleven major Canadian Constitutional documents. The author’s model is Alex DeTocqueville’s On Democracy in America written in the early nineteenth century with an unbiased approach to American affairs. Similarly the author has attempted to bring that same disinterested, as in unprejudiced, approach to a discussion of Meech Lake and Canadian Constitutional development, taking no sides in the matter. This is intended to be a summary of these events and landmarks in Canadian life; in no way does it seek to be thought of as a complete historical work. Intended for students, teachers, professionals, and interested adults, but not for academics.

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57 mins

Narrated by

Deaver Brown

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