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Manchild Audiobook

Author: Alan Olifson


by Alan Olifson

  • Narrated by: Alan Olifson
  • Length: 4 hrs and 50 mins
  • Release date: 07-20-18
  • Language: English


“Alan Olifson has a knack for taking relatable experiences – parenting mistakes, botched home improvements, the hassles of having to act like a grownup – and making them way funnier than I remember them being when they happened to me.” (Jonathan Green, writer/producer of Superstore and The Office)

“How to use a hacksaw? Car maintenance advice? How to avoid getting hustled by a 12-year-old psychic? You will not likely find answers to those questions in Alan Olifson’s hilarious, smart, real collection of essays. But you’ll laugh, like a lot, as you read about Olifson’s journey to figure it all out.” (Rachna Fruchbom, writer of Fresh Off the Boat and Parks and Recreation)

“Alan Olifson isn’t just funny. As he proves in Manchild, he’s whip smart and deeply honest. And the guy has a gigantic heart. All that is evident in this lovely collection as it was from the moment I first read his work: Over a decade ago Alan walked into a class I was teaching at UCLA Extension. Actually, he hobbled in on crutches. Naturally we all wanted to know: Skiing accident? Football? Maybe luge? Then he read us the story and had us all doubled over with laughter.” (Amy Friedman, author of Desperado’s Wife: A Memoir)

“Olifson’s witty and self-deprecating essays perfectly capture the frantic race to grow up just a little bit before your kids do.” (Gemma Baker, writer/producer and co-creator of Mom)

“In 38 essays over 144 pages, the comedian and humorist explores his general life-skills deficit, from childhood tee-ball traumas and collegiate drinking binges to his foibles as a parent. If the essays, just two to four pages long each, read like monologues or humor columns – David Sedaris crossed with Dave Barry – Olifson comes by it honestly…. Manchild is perfect bathroom reading, and that’s no insult.” (Bill O’Driscoll, Pittsburgh City Paper)

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4 hrs and 50 mins

Narrated by

Alan Olifson

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