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Made of Stone Audiobook

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by Charlie Williams

  • Narrated by: James Clamp
  • Series: The Mangel Series, Book 5
  • Length: 6 hrs and 58 mins
  • Release date: 04-16-13
  • Language: English


There’s bad stuff out there. Folks reckon things like vampires don’t exist, but they does – Jock from the burger van told me. Plus I found an actual one of ’em, sleeping at the time in the back of a hearse I nicked that first morning. That’s how me and Jock got to setting out freeing the world of ’em, using his bag o’ wooden stakes and special bottles of whisky. Course, I knowed that vampires didn’t exist, not when I stopped and done some thinking. And I knowed Jock had mental wossnames, what with his son falling off that roof and him reckoning them immigrants pushed him. It’s just that I didn’t get much time for thinking, not with the coppers on our arse. Jock were off…and me with him.

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6 hrs and 58 mins

Narrated by

James Clamp

Release date



The Mangel Series, Book 5


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