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iGCSE Physics Study Guide Audiobook


by Jonathan Kingsley BSc PGCE

  • Narrated by: Matt Addis
  • Length: 5 hrs and 6 mins
  • Release date: 12-01-16
  • Language: English


Let your imagine fly with our Physics Study Guide. Not only will we provide you with all you need to know for your physics iGCSE but we will take you on a journey to far-flung places, really bringing the wonderful world of physics alive.

Full of sound effects to help cement important points, each chapter will furnish you with the information to help you understand key concepts and excel in your learning.

Written by Jonathan Kingsley, a physics teacher who graduated with honours from Imperial College, and Lorenzo Bassano, another Imperial College graduate, our physics iGCSE study guide covers all parts of the course, including forces, momentum, waves, electrical charge, particles and much more; will provide short, sharp reviews of each topic to help consolidate knowledge; and will give exam guidance as well.

The chapters are as follows:

Introduction to iGCSE Physics:

Section A: Movement and position
Section A: Forces and shape
Section A: Forces and movement
Section A: Momentum
Section A: Moments: The turning effect of forces
Section A: Astronomy.
Review of Section A and exam questions

Section B: Mains electricity
Section B: Electric charge
Section B: Current and voltage in circuits
Section B: Electrical resistance
Review of Section B and exam preparation

Section C: Properties of waves
Section C: Using waves
Section C: Light waves
Section C: Sound
Review of Section C and exam preparation

Section D: Energy transfers
Section D: Thermal energy
Section D: Work and power
Section D: Energy resources and electricity generation
Review of Section D and exam preparation

Section E: Density and pressure
Section E: Solids, liquids and gases
Review of Section E and exam practice

Section F: Magnetism and electromagnetism
Section F: Electric motors and electromagnetic induction.
Review of Section F and exam practice

Section G: Atoms and radioactivity
Section G: Radiation and half-life
Section G: Applications of radioactivity
Section G: Particles
Review of Section G and exam practice

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5 hrs and 6 mins

Narrated by

Jennifer English, Matt Addis

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