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Hard Wood Audiobook

Author: Lauren Blakely
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by Lauren Blakely

  • Narrated by: Sebastian York
  • Length: 5 hrs and 16 mins
  • Release date: 10-16-17
  • Language: English


Women often say a good man is hard to find. And a hard man is even better. 

That’s why I’m quite a catch – good, hard, loaded, and wait for it…I’m ready to settle down too. But the woman I want to pitch my tent with lives clear across the country. Neither of us wants to get lost in those woods. All I have to do is resist her for the week she’s in town. 

I try. I swear I try. But yeah, that doesn’t work out. And after one fantastic night with my good friend Mia, I’m ready to give her years of nights under the stars. What’s a few thousand miles when love’s involved? But there’s a hitch in my plans – she just hired my adventure tour company. If there’s one thing I’m committed to, it’s running a squeaky clean business. Number one on my list of iron-clad rules? 

Don’t screw your customers. 

But what’s a guy to do when she’s so hard to resist? How tough can it be to keep our hands off each other for a quick group tour down the hills and over the trails? I’m about to find out, and I have a feeling I’m going to need a new badge of honor because things are about to get very hard in the woods. 

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5 hrs and 16 mins

Narrated by

Sebastian York

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