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Happy Parenting Audiobook

Author: Mary McJude
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by Mary McJude

  • Narrated by: Todd Studer
  • Length: 1 hr and 17 mins
  • Release date: 08-19-20
  • Language: English


Happy Parenting: The Ultimate Guide to Smart and Happy Parenting, Learn about How to Raise Happy and Responsible Children in the 21st Century

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world but it is certainly the most rewarding of all. And as parents, we all want to make sure we’re doing a great job of raising our kids to make sure they would be happy and successful in life. There have been many debates about which parenting philosophy is the most effective. But parenting is unique to every family setup and to every child. All parents can do is prepare themselves the best they can and hope that their best is enough to raise happy and healthy individuals.

Times have certainly changed and with it comes the change in parenting styles. Baby boomer parents are different from Gen X parents and they are also different from millennial parents. It is no surprise that different parenting approaches are used by each one. But the parenting style can also change in one set of parents as they have more children. It is not uncommon to hear complaints like “Why does he get away with it? You never let me do that before when I was that age”! from your firstborn when referring to something a younger sibling did. Usually, this sibling would be 10 years younger that’s why there’s a distinct difference in parenting approach.

This audiobook will teach you different parenting styles and techniques as well as tips and strategies for effective parenting. You will learn about how you can teach your children the ways of life so that they can survive and achieve success. This audiobook will also teach you the common mistakes parents make so you can learn how to avoid them.

This audiobook will talk in-depth about:

  • Children in the 21st Century
  • Effective Parenting
  • Pushing for Gold: The Parent Trap
  • Value Formation and Behavior
  • The Importance of Play
  • Promoting Gender Sensitivity
  • The Magic of Hugging
  • The Challenge of Parenting

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1 hr and 17 mins

Narrated by

Todd Studer

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