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Garment of Shadows Audiobook

Author: Laurie R. King
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by Laurie R. King

  • Narrated by: Jenny Sterlin
  • Series: Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes, Book 12
  • Length: 10 hrs and 58 mins
  • Release date: 09-10-12
  • Language: English


In a strange room in Morocco, Mary Russell is trying to solve a pressing mystery: Who am I? She has awakened with shadows in her mind, blood on her hands, and soldiers pounding on the door. Out in the hivelike streets, she discovers herself strangely adept in the skills of the underworld, escaping through alleys and rooftops, picking pockets and locks. She is clothed like a man, and armed only with her wits and a scrap of paper containing a mysterious Arabic phrase. Overhead, warplanes pass ominously north.

Meanwhile, Holmes is pulled by two old friends and a distant relation into the growing war between France, Spain, and the Rif Revolt led by Emir Abd el-Krim—who may be a Robin Hood or a power mad tribesman. The shadows of war are drawing over the ancient city of Fez, and Holmes badly wants the wisdom and courage of his wife, whom he’s learned, to his horror, has gone missing. As Holmes searches for her, and Russell searches for herself, each tries to crack deadly parallel puzzles before it’s too late for them, for Africa, and for the peace of Europe.

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10 hrs and 58 mins

Narrated by

Jenny Sterlin, Robert Ian Mackenzie

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Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes, Book 12


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