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EFT Therapy Audiobook

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by Kristeen Hutchings

  • Narrated by: Marielle René Rousseau
  • Length: 51 mins
  • Release date: 05-17-16
  • Language: English


EFT is a world-known practice that helps people find inner peace. Celebrities such as Madonna, Naomie Harris, Deepak Chopra, Whoopi Goldberg, pop sensation Lily Allen, and many more have known for years the benefit of this technique. Countless people have moved on from abusive, toxic relationships due to EFT. Others have manifested moneymaking ideas to live more prosperous lives. Some have been healed of illnesses that puzzle doctors to this day. Others have used it to lose weight.

EFT therapy is truly remarkable. And EFT is not just for them. It will work for you, too. Are thoughts of the past plaguing your everyday life? Can’t seem to move on past an ex or an abusive childhood? Or maybe you can’t seem to connect on a deeper level with people or with your mate. EFT therapy is the solution you have been searching for. You will also learn how an alkaline diet may help you live a lot healthier. Many experts swear by this technique.

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51 mins

Narrated by

Marielle René Rousseau

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