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Awakening the Body Audiobook

Author: Will Johnson


by Will Johnson

  • Narrated by: Will Johnson
  • Length: 3 hrs and 53 mins
  • Release date: 01-02-13
  • Language: English


To stretch like a cat or wriggle like a baby in the sheer delight of the body – it’s the natural way of all living beings. Yet most of us have spent our lives numbed to the sensual realms of tactile awareness. When the world threatens us, teaches Will Johnson, we learn to tighten our bodies and lose ourselves in thoughts, experiencing our lives at arm’s length.

But the good news is that what was learned can be unlearned. Awakening the Body is much more than a body-awareness meditation program. It’s a complete course to return to the life fully felt.

Merging Ida Rolf’s somatic discoveries, Buddhist body-awareness training, Sufism’s ecstatic paths of movement and the heart, and many unique methods developed with his fellow students, Will Johnson shows you how to:

  • Attune naturally to the many subtle dimensions of physical sensation
  • Revive dampened memories and stifled emotions held within your body
  • Restore your full somatic energetic flow for greater health and vitality
  • Move effortlessly into the unified field of pure sensation – the realm of the liberated body and self

Have you felt vaguely disconnected or dissatisfied with your life? That perhaps an exotic vacation, new career, or spiritual discipline might be the cure? For many, the answer can’t be found “out there” – what we need is to reconnect to the full, shimmering aliveness our bodies were meant to experience. With Awakening the Body, you now have the clear and tested guidance to return to your true home, the realm of vibrant and fully embodied presence.

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3 hrs and 53 mins

Narrated by

Will Johnson

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