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Alaana’s Way: The Calling Audiobook

Author: Ken Altabef


by Ken Altabef

  • Narrated by: Ken Altabef
  • Length: 15 hrs and 21 mins
  • Release date: 05-12-20
  • Language: English


An insatiable fever demon….

A restless Wind spirit….

A treacherous shaman…. 

A golden walrus….

And one courageous young girl. 

In the frozen north, a land of deadly weather and unforgiving spirits, the shaman is all that stands in the way of disaster. When Alaana is called upon to become shaman for the Anatatook people, she discovers a kaleidoscopic world where everything is alive, where the tent skins whisper at night and even the soapstone pot has tales to tell. She faces vengeful ghosts and hungry demons as she travels the dangerous path to becoming a shaman. 

And there’s just one other problem. Girls aren’t allowed to be shamans. 

This is book one in an epic fantasy series with a unique arctic setting. All fans of fantasy will enjoy these five novels. 

“This is a beautiful and exotic story that leads you from one adventure to another. Alaana’s Way: The Calling is an entertaining read both for adults and teenagers. Well, it doesn’t happen very often that I give 5 out of 5 Bee’s for a book. Alaana’s Way: The Calling, though, is one of those books that have hooked me from the beginning.” (From The Bee)

“The author has created a vivid world, characters (great and small), and a strong main character in Alaana. The Calling is the first book in the Alaana’s Way series and it truly brings the reader into a wholly different world from their own. Very well done!” (The Bibliophilic Book blog)

“Ambitious. That’s how I would describe Ken Atlabef’s saga of a twelve year old Inuit girl and her perilous journey of transformation. These journeys are wrought with wonder and peril and are beautifully written. To the reader, these spiritual characters become every bit as real as those in the flesh and blood world. I can say so many great things about this novel, from the dialogue to the sweeping scenery to its solid editing. Original in both scope and execution, I highly recommend it.” (Underground Book Reviews)

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15 hrs and 21 mins

Narrated by

Ken Altabef

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