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A Mile in His Soul Audiobook

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by Roger D. Grubbs

  • Narrated by: Morley Shulman
  • Length: 5 hrs and 30 mins
  • Release date: 12-22-14
  • Language: English


A modern twist on a classic but true-to-life story, A Mile in His Soul shows the aftermath of two worlds colliding: the haves and the have-nots. Destined to become a box office smash-hit, A Mile in His Soul is a captivating story of a young man named Malcolm Horsley, who has everything: a nice flat, plenty of money, all the women he desires. Malcolm constantly uses everyone, even his so-called friends, for his own gain. With feelings of superiority and a dark family secret, he brags about scamming the homeless. Morally deficient and emotionally stunted, he doesn’t care about anyone as he climbs his way toward success; but no one challenges the power-hungry young man, who believes that he is invincible.

But Malcolm’s world changes forever when he loses everything in a bad investment. Destitute and friendless, Malcolm finds himself living among the homeless whom he detests and even relying on them for survival. When they recognize Malcolm as the scammer who has taken food out of their mouths, his double life is quickly exposed and the two worlds collide with a vengeance.

Robbed, beaten, and unprepared to weather the freezing temperatures, the downtrodden young man faces “The Other Side of Reality” (song by Hartley Mandel). Each and every person he meets has a story: a reason for winding up at the same destination. Fortunately, he crosses paths with a beautiful young homeless woman named Kiki, who teaches him not to ever judge anyone until he has walked A Mile in His Soul!

Based on the story by award-winning writer Morley Shulman.

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5 hrs and 30 mins

Narrated by

Morley Shulman

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